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Mistakes That Can Shorten the Life of Your Heating System in Fort Mill, SC


Your heating system is an investment into your home and your comfort over the winter. To maximize the lifespan of your heating system, it is important to service it regularly and keep it clean. After all, the average lifespan of a furnace is thirteen to fifteen years. Why spend money unnecessarily when you can avoid a few mistakes and keep your heating system running for many years? Read below for mistakes that can shorten the life of your heating system.

Not Changing Air Filters in York County is a NO NO!

This is such an easy and inexpensive DIY thing. Yet, this is often neglected. Dirt and dust build up on the air filter and prevent the air from flowing properly by your indoor unit. Clogged filters significantly reduce your system’s efficiency and may damage your system’s parts. Air filters should be changed every three months at minimum, no matter the season.

No Maintenance Will Reduce Your Heating System’s Lifespan

Regular maintenance visits from R & B Climate Control by one of their highly trained HVAC technician is imperative to maximizing the lifespan of your heating system. Regular maintenance prevents unnecessary wear and tear and ensures your system is clean and in good working order. During your maintenance visit, the technician will clean the unit and advise you whether the system is performing efficiently.
Keep in mind, if there is a problem with your unit, having a regular maintenance schedule is important for your manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranty. Neglecting regular maintenance can potentially void these warranties.

Shutting Vents to Rooms Can Be Costly

You may have thought that shutting vents to unused rooms would be a good way to save energy. Why spend the extra energy to heat an unused room? This makes sense, but it is a proven myth that closing air ducts does not lead to lower energy bills and may, in fact, damage your heating system.
Shutting vents creates a pressure imbalance and sends the warm air back into your ductwork. Remember your furnace or air handler can only return the same amount of air that it supplies. Your furnace will have added pressure and needs to work harder to combat the pressure imbalance created. Whenever your heating system is forced to work harder than it should, it is not running efficiently and adds unnecessary wear and tear to your unit.

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Should I Do My Own Repairs to My HVAC System in Fort Mill, SC?

DIY Air Conditioner Repair?

DIY home repairs are a routine part of life for the average homeowner. Nobody wants to spend unnecessary money, but should your air conditioner be one of the items on your DIY checklist? Probably not… unless you’re a licensed HVAC contractor, it’s best to leave repairs to the professionals. Here’s why:

It Could Be Dangerous

Air conditioners run on electricity. Electrical currents can cause serious bodily harm, even death. Even if you think you’ve turned off the electricity at the breaker box, electrical currents could still be flowing and thus shock you when you begin to try to work on your unit.

You Could Cause More Damage

Have you ever tried to fix something only to do more damage? Now imagine that it’s your air conditioner. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best not to tinker around or you could cause more damage. What could have been a simple fix could lead to a more serious, and much more expensive, problem. You may have watched YouTube videos on how to change a capacitor, but if it’s not performed correctly you may end up with more than a bad capacitor.


Whether you have a limited manufacturer’s warranty or purchased an extended warranty, attempting repairs yourself could void your warranty on your air conditioning system! Remember to contact a certified HVAC technician to perform annual maintenance and repairs on your system. The professionals at R & B Climate Control in Fort Mill, SC have been taking care of the community for over 10 years.

Neglecting annual maintenance by a professional will lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your unit and a manufacturer will not warranty the equipment unless it has been kept in a good, working condition. Annual maintenance is what keeps your unit clean and functioning properly.

Extended warranties usually function the same as the manufacturer’s warranty. All repairs and maintenance should be done by your licensed HVAC professionals.

Then What Can I Do in Fort Mill, Indian Land, or Rock Hill?

Change your air filters monthly. This cuts down on dust and pollen in your home as well as helps your air conditioner to operate more efficiently.

Keep the unit clean and free of debris, such as bushes, tree limbs, and leaves. Dirty condenser coils may cause your unit to blow a fuse, cause a refrigerant leak, or might be the reason behind problems with your blower or fan. Maintenance plans will ensure your unit is clean, but you can do this yourself in between scheduled visits from an HVAC technician.

Why is my air conditioner blowing fuses in Fort Mill, SC?

overgrown air conditioner Fort Mill

Summers in Rock Hill and Fort Mill are hot and humid. Because your air conditioner works harder over the summer months, it’s more likely to blow a fuse at that time. While a blown fuse is normally not a big deal, it could be a sign of more serious problems. Read on to find out more information, at R & B Climate Control we’re here to help!

A clogged or dirty filter

If your filter is clogged or dirty, it creates extra pressure internally on your air conditioner and the air conditioner may blow a fuse to protect itself. This is an easy fix and can be taken care of by preventative measures. Replace your air filters once a month.

Dirty condenser coils

Just like the air filters in your home, your air conditioner will have to work harder if your condenser coils are dirty. Check your air conditioner and make sure that the condenser coils aren’t covered with dirt and leaves. (That’s the box outside your home with the fan turning) Remove any plants or tree limbs that may be too close to your unit and the source of unwanted debris build up.

Loose electrical connections, low refrigerant, malfunctioning parts

If your air filters and condenser coils are clean, it’s time to call R & B Climate Control in Fort Mill to diagnose the problem. It might be that there is a loose electrical connection in your fuse box. Your HVAC technician from R & B is a trained professional and can diagnose and repair the problem.
Low levels of refrigerant can cause your air conditioner to blow a fuse. Your HVAC technician will check for refrigerant levels, also called freon, and determine if there is a leak.
If you have malfunctioning parts on your air conditioner, then this may also be the culprit. You’ll need to call your HVAC technician at R & B Climate Control to check if the motor, compressor, capacitor, and condenser fan are all working properly.

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3 Reasons You Need a Programmable Thermostat in Fort Mill, SC

R&B-Climate-Control-3 Reasons You Need a Programmable Thermosat in Fort Mill SC


R&B Climate Control has the answer!

Are you using an old, outdated thermostat in your home? If so, chances are you’re not getting the most out of your HVAC system. Here are R&B Climate Control Systems’ top 3 reasons you should upgrade to a programmable thermostat in Fort Mill, SC.

Programmable thermostat means lower energy bills

That’s right, a new thermostat will actually save you money in the long run in energy costs. This is because programmable thermostats help the HVAC system to operate at maximum efficiency. If your home has more than one air conditioning system, you can set them at different temperatures. For instance, you can set the thermostat on the A/C in the downstairs to a higher temperature since hot air rises, while letting cool air blast to the bedrooms upstairs. You can also, set the temperature back a couple of degrees during the day while you are away at work, and program the thermostat to a cooler set point just before you get home. This allows you to cut back on cooling costs in the spring and summer.

Better comfort in Fort Mill, SC

Adding a programmable thermostat also means better comfort for the whole family. A programmable thermostat will allow for different temperatures and humidity levels in different areas of the home. So, the master bedroom could be set to 70° while the kids’ rooms are set to 73°, depending on your family’s preferences. Also, you can program your thermostat to run higher during the day, then cool down before the family comes home from work and school. With a programmable thermostat, your home will stay cool and comfortable all day long.

Convenient HVAC with R&B Climate Control Systems

At R&B Climate Control Systems, we know that quality air conditioning should be comfortable, reliable and convenient. That’s why we’re excited to offer smart thermostat models that make using the HVAC system as simple and pain-free as possible. Smart thermostats connect with wifi so you can control your A/C unit with your smartphone or tablet. So when you realize you left the A/C on full blast when you’re halfway to the beach this spring, fear not! Just open your thermostat app and turn up the air, and set it to cool again on your return date. Smart and programmable thermostats are truly the ultimate in HVAC convenience.

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