We have experience with all brands of air conditioning equipment. If your air conditioning will not turn on, or is leaking or if other problematic issues have developed, call us today and we will make sure your air conditioner is working properly for the summer.

Our summer service and inspection includes:

  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Condensor and Evaporator Coils inspected
  • Inspection of duct work for leaks and buildup
  • Air Filter inspected and replaced at your request
  • Belts and Pullies inspected and adjusted as needed
  • Refrigerant charge checked with Superheat/Subcooling Method
  • Inspection of all electronic switches, thermostat, relays and components

There can be no worse feeling than having your heating system fail on you in the dead of winter. For the life of your heating system it is important to give your system a thorough inspection before winter hits.

Our winter service and inspection includes:

  • Check your defrost timer
  • Check your Reversing Valve
  • Secure all panels
  • Auxillary heat strips
  • Heat exchange and burners
  • Flue pipe checked for corrosion and leaks
  • Record temperatures for future maintenance
  • All safety controls checked for functionality
  • Pilot light and all gas lines inspected for leaks