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Why is my heating system so loud in Fort Mill, SC?

Everyone has started using their heating system more, which means we are getting more service call requests for noise issues. Noisy air handlers or furnace heating systems are a very common complaint. If you are concerned about “heating noises,” pay very close attention where the sound is coming from and think about how to best describe that noise.

Here are a few suggestions to consider if you hear noises from your heating system.

Metal hitting metal

If you hear something that can best be described as “metal hitting metal,” turn off the system immediately. You may have an issue with the blower housing or blower assembly in your heating unit.

This is a repair best left to a professional. Contact R & B Climate Control’s office and place a service call, so we can assess your situation and make the best recommendation. Our goal is to do our best to repair your system, but sometimes older equipment may need to be replaced, versus being repaired.

Thumping noise from my system in Fort Mill

A thumping noise, like an out-of-balance washing machine, could be the result of a motor being out of balance. One of our service experts can investigate and make proper repairs.

Humming sound

If your heating system seems to be working properly, but you hear a loud humming noise when it is engaged, it could be a faulty transformer. If the unit is not working and you hear a humming noise, a fan motor or capacitor could be bad.

This situation needs to be addressed by one of R & B Climate Control’s certified technicians, who can provide a quote for repair.

If you have a heat pump, the humming noise could be completely normal. When a heat pump goes into defrost mode, you should hear a low hum. Heat will come out of the top of the unit, instead of cold air and the fan may shut off completely. All of this is completely normal.

When the heat pump exits the defrost cycle, a loud noise, like air pressure being released can occur and the fan will come back on again.

Squealing noise

For a heat pump system, if you hear a loud squealing noise, you could have a problem with your system’s reversing valve. This is the device that shifts the refrigerant flow. It changes depending if you are heating or cooling your home.

Pop or bang

This could be as simple as sheet metal expanding and contracting as it heats up your home. Usually this happens when the fan first starts or stops. These sounds are most common in homes with sheet metal ductwork. However, it could be a symptom of a dirty filter, a closed vent, or a flimsy filter, not properly secured.

Rumbling sounds

If you own a gas or oil-fired system and hear an unusual rumbling noise, especially when your system first fires up, turn off the system and schedule a certified technician to inspect the equipment as soon as possible. Do not use your heating system until it is thoroughly inspected. There could be a dangerous problem with your equipment.

Addressing noise issues in Fort Mill, SC

Many of these noises are symptoms of problems a homeowner cannot fix on their own. It is best to schedule one of R & B Climate Control’s technicians to diagnose and fix the problem properly and efficiently restore your home comfort as quickly as possible.

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