Heating Installation & Repair in Fort Mill, SC

There can be no worse feeling than having your heating system fail on you in the dead of winter. For the life of your heating system, it is important to have a thorough inspection done by trusted experts before winter hits. If you’re in the Charlotte, Fort Mill or Rock Hill area, R&B can provide you with quality maintenance, repair or installation for your home heating system.

Heating Repairs

Even with regular maintenance, issues may arise with your unit and R&B is here to help with our highly skilled HVAC technicians on stand-by.

Heating Installation

When the time comes for a new heating system installation, we have you covered with new heating units from Rheem and more.

Heating Maintenance

Maintenance for your heating system is an important part of ensuring that everything is running efficiently and keeping you warm.

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Heating Repairs

Sometimes your heater will need inevitable repairs just like all other machines in your home. There are several signs that signify you require experienced heating repair in Fort Mill, SC. You may realize that it is costing more and more to heat your house or that your home is not heating evenly. If any of these signs are apparent, contact R&B as soon as possible.


The damages to your heating unit can be minimized by scheduling your heating repair in Fort Mill with R&B at the first sign of malfunction. Don’t wait! The quicker we repair any flaws to your heating system, the longer your heater will last.

Fast & Reliable Repair Service
We Fix All Makes & Models
Skilled & Trained Personnel
24-Hour Emergency Services

Heating Installation

The overall performance of your heater depends on the quality and how well it was installed. If you do not select the correct system and have it sized and installed the right way the first time, it will not operate at the optimal level. Our experienced Fort Mill heating installation technicians can do the job right the first time.


A heating unit that is too small will not effectively heat your home. Some homeowners do not realize that a system that is too large is not any better. When your unit is too large, it may short cycle which will lead to faster wear and tear or damage. It’s important that you schedule your installation in Fort Mill with R&B to receive quality installation with the right system for you.

Heating Installation Pros

Once you have made your decision on the right unit for you, our installation team will install the heating system in the most precise fashion that guarantees effective and efficient long term performance.​

Financing Available

Don't let finances get in the way of a warm and cozy home. Ask about our special financing plans on new heating units today!​

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Heating Maintenance

The most effective way to ensure your family enjoys uninterrupted heat throughout the cold months is by properly maintaining your heating system. According to industry experts, it is highly recommended that your heater is professionally inspected and serviced on a yearly basis. Typically, you should schedule yours in fall to ensure your unit will be most reliable throughout the heating season.

Precision Heating Tune-Up Benefits

Lower Utility Bills
Extended Equipment Life
Fewer Repairs, Breakdowns, & Improved System Reliability
Peace of Mind For Your & Your Family
Increased Heating Capacity
Priority Service Scheduling
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