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Breathe Cleaner at Home in Charlotte and Fort Mill with Phenomenal Aire’s Latest Technology

  Ever notice how you can breath better when you are on a mountain vacation, or at the ocean, or viewing a gorgeous waterfall? All of these environments contain highly ionized air. What if you could create that environment at home? There are several reasons the United States Environmental Protection Agency says indoor air is Continue Reading »

Your Indoor Air-Quality is More Important Than Ever Before in Charlotte

We want our home air quality to be at its cleanest, most optimum level possible. This is especially true since the onset of the Cornavirus or Covid 19. Between virtual learning for our kids; remote working; and dining restrictions, we are cooking, living, and spending more hours in our homes than ever before. Air quality Continue Reading »

How Does a Heat Pump Operate? And Other Common Questions About Your Heating System

Ever wonder how your heat pump system operates? Unless you’re just a naturally curious person, something may be wrong with your HVAC system and it’s got you wondering how it all works. Or maybe you’re a new heat pump owner and you’d like to learn more about your new system. Read below on some basic Continue Reading »