Cleaning your system restores and prolongs the life

Furnace Coil and Blower Cleaning

Dirty coils increase the amperage and the amount of time needed for the system to reach your desired temperature. HVAC systems with dirty coils can consume 35-40% more energy than a system with clean coils. Routine inspection and maintenance is very important to catch problems early on and save on your electric bill.

Since the coils are always wet, they tend to pick up the dirt in the air more quickly than a dry surface and are a good breeding ground for microbial growth. The conditioned air then enters the plenum box where it is distributed to your air ducts and AC vents. The blower, cooling coils, and plenum box are all in one unit and together are called the air handler. This is the heart of your AC system.

Regular cleaning of an HVAC unit and its coil and blower provides a number of benefits which include:

  • Removal of harmful bacterial growth
  • Helps to prevent contagious illnesses that can be transmitted from and through the air handling unit
  • Eliminates odors created from microbial growth on coils and drain pans
  • Clean cabinets make maintenance and repairs easier
  • Reduced energy usage and greater control of the temperature in the conditioned area

As a result, the air flows freely through the coils ensuring the unit operates at its design efficiency which saves energy component life is prolonged when operation time is reduced.

If your air handling equipment needs cleaning, R&B Climate Control is at your service. We will also provide free before and after photos on the job site and email them to you for your records when requested.

Depending on the size and condition of the coil and HVAC unit to be cleaned, our service can even involve disassembling the entire HVAC unit to expose both sides of the condenser and evaporator coils. We can provide whatever level of service your unit requires!

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