Things to check if your heat is not working

The changing of the seasons typically indicates an increase in people calling for repairs of their furnace or air conditioner. You expect your HVAC to work when you need it, so it’s so much worse when it stops when you need it the most. Correct maintenance of both your heating and cooling systems may help you avoid unexpected repairs, but here are some things to help incase you find yourself in that situation.

Check your fuses and breakers

Before calling a technician yo may want to inspect your breakers and make sure that nothing flipped and caused your system to stop working. If nothing seems to be flipped then it is possible that a fuse may have gone out.

Fuses can be found within the heating coil. A skilled technician will look for any blown fuses when they arrive to service your system. Overheating is a common problem with most HVAC systems, as systems and motors release a lot of heat, which sometimes leads to the systems shutting down altogether.

Check for leaks

Leaks outside of your system or refrigerant leakage may potentially be the reason for your systems inefficient performance. This can be a severe and left unprepared may lead to even bigger problems, depending on the location of your issue.

If you see that your system is running but does not seem to be heating your home efficiently then you may have a leak in the duct work. Cracks or leaks in the ducts will cause the air to escape before entering your home, which will cause your system to work longer and harder than is typically needed.

Checking your thermostat

Your thermostat is responsible for telling your system when to turn on and off. If you re having problems with your thermostat, check to see if the batteries are good and the unit is set properly. You may also want to double check the settings on the thermostat after a power outage, as that may have caused the settings to change without you knowing.

Inspect your filters

A dirty filter can block air flow and result in the system freezing. cleaning the filter regularly is key to keep your system working properly. A blockage in either the filter or the vents can restrict the air flow to such an extent that the heating system will shut down. It is good to have these inspected and filters changed regularly as part of a maintenance plan.

If you have concerns over your system then contact the professionals at R&B Climate Control Systems.

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