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What Should Be Included in a Winter Heating System Tune Up?

It’s that time of year again. We go right from turkey and Black Friday to eggnog, gift wrapping, gingerbread houses, and, yep, you guessed it……it’s time to schedule your winter heating system tune-up. Wait, what? I know you just made it through the holiday rush, but don’t forget to schedule your winter heating system tune-up. It’s important that your certified HVAC technician from R & B Climate Control checks your heating system before there’s a problem.

Performing regular maintenance ensures that your heating system is operating efficiently; as well as, maximizing the lifespan of your furnace. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, here’s what you can expect from your local experts at R & B.

Check All Limits and Safeties

Limit switches and safeties are a part of your heating system that prevents it from running beyond safe operating conditions. If a limit switch or safety is faulty on your heating system, it could allow your furnace to operate at unsafe levels. Your technician from R & B will first make sure that these components are in good working condition.

Check The Flue

Flues should be inspected regularly to check for damage, leaks, and improper installation.  Your furnace’s flue is the device that removes the bad gases (carbon monoxide) from your home during heating operation.

Check The Heat Exchanger

Rust, cracks, and other damage to the heat exchanger is potentially a very dangerous situation. Cracks in the heat exchanger can lead to improper furnace operation which can allow carbon monoxide to build up in your home.

Check The System’s Air Flow

Your R & B technician will check for a clogged furnace filter. Restricted air or limited airflow causes a heating system to run inefficiently. Whenever a system is not working efficiently, it can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the system and shorten the lifespan.  

Check Gas Pressure

Proper gas pressure is vital to your heating system’s performance Your technician will ensure that the connections are secure, and the gas pressure is at a correct level.

Inspect Burners and Clean, If Necessary

Debris, dust, and soot may build up on your burners and reduce the efficiency of your system. If the burners are dirty, your technician will take care of it.

Check Thermostat Operation

Our heating tune-up will ensure that your thermostat is operating properly and set up for proper operation. We will determine this by cycling the heating system.

Full Operational Test

Finally, your R & B Climate Control technician will put your system through a full operational and safety cycle.

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